Branson Repeaters

Missouri Ozarks Amateur (Ham) Radio


Metropolitan Amateur Repeater System

147.105 MHz., 224.100 MHz., 443.550 MHz., AllStarLink, & DMR

2 meters (144 MHz.), 1.25 meters (220 MHz.), 70 centimeters (440 MHz.), AllStarLink: 49266, and Brandmeister DMR: 31686

The 2 meters (144 MHz.) repeater at 147.105 MHz. (+) PL 136.5, the 1.25 meters (220 MHz.) repeater at 224.100 MHz. (-) PL 162.2, and the 70 centimeters (440 MHz.) repeater at 443.550 MHz. (+) PL 162.2 are linked to one another full time. These repeaters are also connected full time to AllStarLink Node 49266 and DMR Brandmeister Talk Group 31686.  All courteous licensed amateur radio operators Technician Class and higher from around the world are welcome and encouraged to key up (or login) and say, “Hello”. Tourists and visitors to Branson, Missouri are welcome to use these repeaters for local communication or to “link back home” via the AllStarLink or DMR.  



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